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What does it mean that God became one of us? How did Jesus embody this, and what are the implications of the Incarnation (God-with-us) for humanity? Throughout the season of Epiphany, we’re going to be exploring what it means that God became one of us in order to save all of us. We’ll be learning from the life and ministry of Jesus what it means for us and for all of Creation when God is with us. Join us every Sunday during Epiphany as Pastor Leon and Pastor Britta preach this relevant and engaging series!

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The days that are memorable are the ones spent doing eternal things–laughing, loving, serving, worshipping, restoring, resurrecting, feasting, celebrating and giving. And even the days we spend weeping, repenting, praying and fasting are full of life, and are holy in their own right.




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Our goal is to support families as they build rhythms and rituals that support a faith-filled life.


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