Whether you’re curious or committed, un-churched, de-churched, or re-churched, you are invited to join us for worship on Sundays at 10AM.

Worship at SHPC is foundational to understanding what it means to be the Church. As we gather before our audience of One to sing, pray, give thanks, and proclaim together, we are invited to encounter the Living God again! Worship is the catalyst that moves us into a deeper relationship with God and with each other. Through that encounter, we are nourished and empowered to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Our worship services are intentional and creative, with excellent and diverse music, charismatic worship leadership, and attention to liturgy and spiritual practice. We work hard to make our worship together an opportunity to encounter the Holy and an experience of hospitality where people connect deeply and enjoy a sense of belonging. We foster a dynamic, open approach to our worship experience, eager for the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow and lead us to the kind of compassion and unity of intention that can transform us, and our world!
Because we connect to God in various ways, our hope is to offer worship experiences that reflect that diversity, and invite us into unexpected and un-explored opportunities to encounter God face to face.
 To this end, SHPC is engaging in a GREAT WORSHIP EXPERIMENT! Each month from January to May of 2023, we will engage in a variety of worship styles and content. Some services will be blended with both hymns and more modern music. Some services will focus on our Christian roots, with extended liturgies, creeds, choral music, and traditional hymns. Other services will be more energetic and playful, with music from the band. We will also explore the contemplative space with worship that grounds us in prayer and offers opportunities to quiet ourselves so we can tune into God’s still, small voice. We pray that you will engage ALL of these experiences, for we rest in the promise that God is with us each time we worship and longs to transform us and the world. Every worship service follows a similar flow and liturgy. 


Worship Calendar


Styles of Worship

Contemplative Worship
Contemplative Worship offers a setting where we quiet ourselves to open our souls to the ministry and the mystery of God within. It is an alternative way to listen for the voice of God within our hearts. This form of worship is an opportunity to be quiet and still amid life’s busyness, so that we may find our spiritual center. Begin 2023 with an experience of grounding ourselves in God’s love and grace, so we can engage the world refreshed.
Worship with the Band
Energetic and playful, our worship excites and empowers us to be the people of God in the world.
Community Worship
We gather as a family of faith, grounded in our traditions yet engaged in the here and now. Community worship includes hymns and more contemporary music.
Worship with the Choir
Explore the creeds and liturgies of our heritage as we sing the hymns of our faith and are led in worship by the
Sanctuary Choir.