‘Twas the Night After Christmas

‘Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the house;

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Except for me; I’ve slept nary a wink.

All I can do is lay here and think.


I lie in my bed, thinking back on the day,

And find myself wondering, “What would God say?”

What would He say about the money we spent,

On toys and baubles, some of which are now bent.


About the time we spent finding just the right present,

Fearful that otherwise things wouldn’t be pleasant.

About this year, which has been quite rough;

I’ve kept it from my family; they don’t know how tough.


I let them go on like nothing was wrong,

Even though much of our savings was gone.

We ended up taking on a bunch of new debt;

Just saying “Charge it!” was not our best bet!


Why must it be that we spend and we spend?

Does Jesus require that gifts we send?

Does God look down on us from above,

And ask for anything more than our love?


And yet here I am, with more bills to pay,

Not really knowing how I’ll find the way.

My credit card company’s just sent me a letter,

My interest rate’s up; how is that better?


I wish I was back at the beginning of December;

I’d know what I’d do, I’m sure I’d remember.

I’d start with a prayer to my Lord up above,

Thanking Him for His most wondrous love.


I’d ask Him for guidance and help carrying the load;

And to give me the courage to head down the road.

To share with my family chapter and verse,

So we’d all pull together instead of making things worse.


We’d not let our spending go all out of reason,

During this, a most wonderful season.

We’d check our wallets, purses and pay,

And stick to our budget, come what may.


We’d make sure there was some extra for our credit card debt,

And something extra for God; then we’d be set,

To really celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Whose gift to us was the ultimate price. 


And then when the night after Christmas came round,

I could sleep like a baby, not making a sound.

Because I would know that we’d done our very best;

And with God’s help and care, I could finally rest.