The Merriest Bird

By: Lily Rerecich
When I wrote this poem, I thought of the creature that looks like it’s having the most merry Christmas, and the chickadee comes to mind. The chickadee is a small bird that stays the winter out in the cold, temperate forests. No matter the season, it’s always merry and joyful. The best Christmases are the ones when you choose to find happiness instead of waiting for it to find you.
The Merriest Bird
Most other birds have flown away,
They’re searching for a place to stay,
Where the weather is far more warm
Devoid of frigid ice and storm.
Yet hidden in tall evergreens,
A bird remains, as silence rings.
With lovely feathers, gold and white,
Its flight nimble and eyes so bright
So joyful is the Chickadee
Merry as anyone can be
Strong to survive the winter cold
With cheerful chirp and spirit bold.