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Upcoming Events
SHPC Youth Fall Retreat!
We’re heading to John Knox Ranch for a weekend of fun with just SHPC Students! We’re kicking off the semester with a bang!
FOR: Current 6th through 12th grade students.
COST: $165 (scholarships are available)
We will spend time together swimming, going down the zip line, group building activities, campfire, and so much more! We will be talking about the school year and what we hope to do throughout the year!
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Recommended Resources
“The Library honors Black History Month by celebrating black authors and their stories. Why are books by black authors and stories featuring black characters important? Books can either be mirrors, allowing the reader to see themselves reflected in society or windows, allowing the reader to see what life is like for someone with other experiences.”
“Build habits during these times. Repeat them. For example, send your kids off every day with encouragement. You may not do this well every day—but every new day is another chance.”
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Ben Boehman
Favorite music genre/band
90s Hip-Hop
Favorite Bible passage/verse
Matthew 6:26-29
Favorite food or restaurant
Favorite movie or tv show
Favorite hobby
Dirt biking
Why do you serve in youth ministry?
I want my kids (and others) to know God and find the bountiful life that God would have for them.