Make a Year-End Gift & Make a Difference

As we come to the end of 2022, some members and friends might consider making a year-end gift above and beyond your pledged commitment. This might be a tax-related decision or one you are simply considering as a way to be generous to your church.  
If you have been considering this for a while, or if this is the first time you have thought about giving a year-end gift, we would love to tell you about three significant needs we have right now that would make a huge difference in the life of your church.
The Replacement Of Our Youth/Adult Portable Deck 
The first is the opportunity to help fund the replacement of the top portion of the deck at the youth and adult buildings. The substructure would remain, but the decking needs repair, with many of the boards warped, creating an unsafe walking environment, particularly for anyone with limited mobility. 
This deck is literally a bridge between our Youth and Adult buildings. It is used constantly to walk to these buildings, for youth functions, gathering space, and much more. 
To make the deck safer and reduce ongoing maintenance costs, we plan to replace the top with composite materials that will not warp and will not require ongoing painting and sealing. This project costs $47,000 beyond our regular maintenance and repairs budget. Donations of $30,000 to supplement funds on hand would be very helpful. Give to Replace the Deck!

Young Adult Ministry
The second opportunity for a year-end gift is to contribute to the funding of our Young Adult Ministry, which would help us continue to build our program to attract and create a loving church home for young adults. 
For many young adults, the church has become irrelevant. But we believe that young adults will want to be a part of a community that loves God and everybody, and that belief has been rewarded! Under Morgan Reeve’s leadership, this group has grown to over 30 young adults who gather regularly for fellowship and support. Many of these young adults have become regular attendees in worship, serving in mission and ministry, and even have become members of our church. One of the regulars in that group will be serving as a new Elder in 2023. This is amazing! 
Last year we received a grant to get a young adult program started. While the grant funding has ended, it has done its job, and this program is taking off incredibly. We need you to join us to ensure we can keep this program going. The cost of our young adult program is $19,000, and your gifts will help not only maintain it but help it to grow even more in the coming year. Give to Young Adult Ministry!
Unrestricted Gifts 
Like most churches, SHPC came out of the Covid years facing some complex challenges. While we were able to continue our programs and ministries throughout those difficult years with the help of PPP loans, and frugal spending, we have to adjust to the new realities of a post-Covid landscape when it comes to church attendance, membership and giving. The good news is our church is growing! We continue to add new members regularly, including 50-plus new members in 2022 and hopefully even more in 2023. We’re excited about what God is doing, and the future is bright! 
In 2022 the Session expected and budgeted for a shortfall this year, which was necessary to make our way through the changes we experienced after Covid. While we’ve had the reserves to weather those storms, we also know that we would be remiss in not offering our members and friends an opportunity to help.  
If your year-end gift was earmarked as “Unrestricted”, it would go a long way toward strengthening us as we head into a new year and reducing the budgeted shortfall in the process. Give an Unrestricted Gift!