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Follow the Star

By: Ellen Perkey, Member
In this time of year I spend a lot more time out of doors at night than I usually do. I walk down to the barn, make sure the horses in over night have blankets, hay and water, and walk back to the house. It’s often cold, I usually don’t feel like leaving the house again by that time of night, and I’m generally tired by the time 7:30 hits. But I get to see the stars.  
We live far enough out in the country that we have much less light pollution than even the suburbs of Austin. The first time I looked up and saw the Milky Way burning bright right overhead I just stopped and stared for a minute. Constellations are so clear and easy to find in the sky over our house; my two favorites, Orion and Cassiopia, are usually visible this time of year. Even in the coldest weather it’s hard not to pause and spend a moment looking up. I wish I could help you feel the same vast, breathtaking beauty I get to see on those nightly walks.
In the busy-ness of the Christmas season it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed by my task list, tired at the end of the day but with present wrapping still to do. I enjoy Christmas but the struggle for me each year is to take time to be overwhelmed by the meaning behind the season. It’s easier for me to plod through my daily chores and extra Christmas duties without ever looking up. If I can remember to look up occasionally, I might just be captured by the beauty of the Christmas star.

I’ll try to take a moment to look up in the next week or so, as we draw closer to Christmas and the birth of our savior. I’ll try to savor the time we spend with our traditions and to enjoy the reminders of God’s great gift to us. I want that to be my guiding star in this busy season.