Enneagram: Understanding the System

September 9 – 30
Thursdays | 7PM | Café | Hybrid Class

This in-depth introduction to the Enneagram will help you understand the Enneagram system, and find yourself within it. This class will help you identify your own Enneagram number, and gain a deeper understanding of your motivations and default behaviors, cultivating compassion for yourself and others. The Enneagram can help us develop the kind of self-awareness that leads to real transformation, helping us live richer, deeper lives, and build healthier, happier relationships.
This class is helpful if you have not encountered the Enneagram before, or if you already know your number. We will cover each of the nine numbers, our linear connections, wings, centers of intelligence, social style (stance), and how to use the Enneagram to create more balance in your life. The class will be hybrid, so feel free to join us in person at SHPC, or online in Zoom.

The enneagram is an ancient personality typing system that reveals the motivations behind the ways we think, feel, act, and relate to others. Unlike other personality typing systems, the enneagram doesn’t put us in a box, but reveals the box we are already in and how to get out of it!

Self awareness is the single most important tool we can carry with us into life. The enneagram leads us to a whole new level of self awareness, spirituality, and
non-judgmental self acceptance.