The Enneagram is an ancient, dynamic, faith-based tool for understanding ourselves and others. It leads us to deep self awareness and personal transformation, helping us encounter ourselves as beloved children of God. The nine ways of experiencing and inhabiting the world articulated by the Enneagram, help us live beyond our knee-jerk, default behaviors, and engage the world (and ourselves!) with more compassion and understanding.
All Enneagram classes and workshops will be taught and facilitated by our Senior Director of Worship Arts, Beth Mueller.

Enneagram Workshops

Understanding the Enneagram
What’s My Number?


February 8 | 10AM-4PM

Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church, Austin

$45 (lunch included)


This class will introduce the main ideas of the enneagram and help you to discover what your number is. Unlike other personality typing systems, the enneagram doesn’t put us in a box, but reveals the box we are already in and how to get out of it!

Self awareness is the single most important tool we can carry with us into life. The enneagram leads us to a whole new level of self awareness, spirituality, and non-judgmental self acceptance. Come explore the 9 personality types of the enneagram.


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Enneagram Class

Deep Dives

Days Vary | 7:00PM | January 21 – February 27 | Cafe


The Deep Dive classes will spend the full 2 hours on a single number or topic. You can come to one, or come to all! 

The focus for each of the number classes will be on understanding the nuances of that number, what it’s like to be in relationship with that number, and healthy boundaries if you are that number or care about someone who is that number. Enneagram 1 is not a pre-requisite to these classes, as you may want to bring your spouse or a friend to the class about your number. However, recognize that we will not be unpacking the full system of the Enneagram or how it works.


Click the links to register for each class you want to attend! 

All classes will be from 7 – 9PM


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