The Enneagram is an ancient, dynamic, faith-based tool for understanding ourselves and others. It leads us to deep self awareness and personal transformation, helping us encounter ourselves as beloved children of God. The nine ways of experiencing and inhabiting the world articulated by the Enneagram, help us live beyond our knee-jerk, default behaviors, and engage the world (and ourselves!) with more compassion and understanding.
All Enneagram classes and workshops will be taught and facilitated by our Senior Director of Worship Arts, Beth Mueller.

Enneagram Class

Integrating the Enneagram

Thursdays | 7:00PM | November 7 – 21 | Classroom B


You will need to already understand the basics of Enneagram to take this class (Enneagram 1 or equivalent knowledge). This small group discussion class will help us all become more aware of the drive of personality, and how it tries to keep us stuck on the hamster wheel of personality. This is a great follow up class for those whose have taken classes, but still struggle to figure out “what now”.




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