Additional Resources
LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

Why Pronouns Matter

 Gender Pronouns and Identity


Gender and Me TEDx Talk

Ask a Trans Guy Ep. 2

National Native American, American Indian,
and Alaskan Native Heritage Month
Nov 20 | Transgender Day of Remembrance
Nov 28 | Hanukkah begins

‘Indian’ or ‘Native American’

by CGP Grey




A Conversation With Native Americans on Race

by The New York Times


October is LGBTQ+ History Month
October 11 is Indigenous People’s Day

History vs. Christopher Columbus

TED Ed video by Alex Gendler

September 15 – October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month

My Identity is a Superpower – Not an ObstacleTEDx Talk by America Ferrera



I’m Mexican. Does that Change Your Assumptions About Me?

TEDx Talk by Vanessa Vancour



August is Black Business Month & National Civility Month
August 26th is Women’s Equality Day

Why Being Respectful to Your Coworkers is Good for Business



Why Black-Owned Businesses Don’t Survive



Women’s Equality Day: The Fight for Rights Then and Now



Nelson Mandela: Civil Rights Activist & President of South Africa



Apartheid Explained



Q&A Part 1 with Bo Beaufill (Writer/Director of “They/Them”)