We want our members to not only lead informed lives, but also transformed lives.

How do we do this? We offer classes, Bible studies, connect groups, care groups; we maintain a library of resources; we encourage our members to continue searching for deeper knowledge, and we believe that Christ tells us that abundant life begins right now, in this world.

We hope you take a moment to visit us and experience everything we have to offer. There’s something special and new that a life in Christ can bring.
Come and Join a LifeGroup this Fall, kicking off September 17! LifeGroups are small groups that create space for people to intentionally share their lives with others, grow spiritually together, and encourage each other through the highs and lows of life. Much like the early church in Acts did, our LifeGroups will have a balance of caring, bible study, praying and eating.

Each LifeGroup will be unique in where and when they choose to meet, and how frequently. Meeting in a variety of places where people like to connect (such as homes, the church building, coffee shops, etc), which days and times (such as weekdays or weekends, day or evenings), each group will determine whether to meet weekly, bi-weekly or some other schedule that fits the members’ lives. Some LifeGroups will be intergenerational, others will be filled with those at a similar stage of life; some will be mixed, and others will be for only men or women. In other words, there will be a LifeGroup for YOU! No bible knowledge is needed to participate! Each group will choose from dozens of bible books and topics using study books to prepare and guide discussions. For more information on a specific group, click the register button located below that LifeGroup!

Tuesday Evening Couples Group
Leaders: Beamon & Carlen Floyd
Location: Home in Travis County
Day & Time: Tuesday Evenings

Start Date: October 3, 2023
Frequency: Biweekly
Study: TBD


Thursday Evening Intergenerational Group
Leaders: Bill & Liz Altmann
Location: Home in CIrcle C
Day & Time: Thursdays 7-9PM

Start Date: October 5, 2023
Frequency: Weekly
Study: Christian Character


Sunday Afternoon Men’s Group
Leaders: Tom O’Meara & Bill Altmann
Location: SHPC Portable B
Day & Time: Sundays 11:30AM-1PM

Start Date: September 24, 2023
Frequency: Weekly
Study: Colossians


Buda/Kyle Group
Leaders: Glenda Detling & Luann Sandahl
Location: Home in Kyle/Buda area
Day & Time: Thursdays 7-9PM

Start Date: September 28, 2023
Frequency: Biweekly
Study: Advent of the Savior


Single’s Group
Leaders: Sue Lagerquist & Barbara Christenson
Location: Home in Oakhill
Day & Time: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of every month

Start Date: Oct. 3, 2023
Frequency: Biweekly
Study: TBD


Sunday Mornings Intergenerational Group
Leaders: Scott Swick & Jim Kochanski
Location: SHPC Cafe
Day & Time: 8:30-10AM

Start Date: October 8, 2023
Frequency: Weekly
Study: TBD

If you have questions about LifeGroups, contact Scott Swick.