Love Carved in Stone

A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments

September 5 – May 7

First Thursdays | 6:30PM | Cafe

What if we thought of the Ten Commandments as a love letter instead of an ancient list of rules? Join Kimbol Soques as she leads this class through the Ten Commandments and examines how Jesus lived them out, and what place they have in our own lives and context.


Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

September 8 – October 20

Sundays | 11:15AM | KIDS Building

Engage your family in a bigger story that involves more than just your family—one that involves other influences who are on a journey to discover why a relationship with God really matters. Join Chris Gordon for this book study about inviting others to invest in your children, creating a culture of unconditional love, and tapping into the power of quality moments together.

Books are $10 and child care will be provided.


Class Full!


Luke: The First Part

September 8 – November 24

Sundays | 11:11AM | Cafe

Lots of people have tried to compile all the things that happened with Jesus. But that’s a big list of things, especially when you start interviewing the eyewitnesses who were there at the beginning. You’ll want someone to put together an orderly account, and that’s why Luke wrote his Gospel. This class will be discussion based and led by Macon Stokes, all adults are welcome!



Body & Soul Yoga

September 11 – November 13

Wednesdays | 9:10AM | Sanctuary

Join Margie Vockell for a Christ-centered that will explore how yoga allows us to tap into the body, mind, and spirit connection with uses of yoga poses, deep breathing exercises, and meditation. Our focus will be on flexibility, balance, concentration, relaxation, and strength.
Cost: $60
Scholarships are available! 



Shepherd 201

September 22 – November 24

Sundays | 11:11AM | Room 9


Join us as we take a deep dive into what it means to be Presbyterian by taking a closer look at the meanings and practices behind Presbyterian tradition and theology. We’ll be exploring the curriculum used for our youth confirmands! 


Introduction to Spiritual Practices

October 1 – 29

Tuesdays | 10:00AM | Cafe


During this class you will explore contemplative ways of paying attention to your life, cultivate awareness of how you respond to the Holy Spirit’s beckoning you to grow in self-understanding and become awake and available to the activity of God in your life. You will sample varied forms of prayer and spiritual practices, and experiment with new ways to uncover and converse about spiritual experiences.




Pointing Towards God

A Poetry + Theology Conversation

October 30 – November 13

Wednesdays | 6:30PM | Cafe

Join poets Dr. Paul Hooker, APTS Associate Dean for Ministerial Formation, and Kimbol Soques, long-time SHPC member, as they explore the rich and different ways to think and feel about God through poetry in this fascinating three-week class. 


Travel With a Purpose

Martin Luther & The Reformation

January 12 – February 16

Sundays | 11:11AM | Cafe


Join Dan Rothwell as he facilitates this 6 week class that will focus on Martin Luther and the Reformation! This class is a perfect appetizer for the 2020 Travel With a Purpose trip to Germany that Dan will be leading, but anyone is welcome to join this class!



This page will continue to be updated with upcoming classes that you can join here at Shepherd, so check back soon for more opportunities!