Jesus & Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Wednesdays | 6PM | Zoom

Oct 26 – Nov 16

Over the years, Christians, churches and denominations have taken a wide variety of positions on marriage, divorce and remarriage.
But what does Jesus (and Paul) really say about these? We are going to find out! For more information or to register, click the button below!

The Miracles of Jesus

Begins Oct 2 & 6

Sundays | In-Person | 11:30AM

Thursdays | Zoom | 7PM
Join us in a 6-week Bible study after church, 11:30-12:30 in the Adult Portable. Each week we will watch a 10-15 minute video from renowned New Testament scholar Amy-Jill Levine and share together what these miracle accounts mean for us and our faith.

Disciple Fast Track

Oct 3 – Dec 19

Mondays | In-Person | 10:30AM

Mondays | Zoom | 6PM
You are invited to an in-depth study on the New Testament letters of Paul with Pastor Britta! This 12-week study will explore the 13 New Testament letters traditionally attributed to Paul, focusing on how Paul is continually calling hearers and readers back to their God and to a sense of who they are as a people “set apart.” 

Men’s Bible Study

Sundays | 11:30AM |
In-Person & Zoom

Begins JAN 8

The Men’s Bible study will continue meeting in January and plan to study C.S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity starting on January 8, 2023. 

In the classic Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis, the most important writer of the 20th century, explores the common ground upon which all of those of Christian faith stand together. Bringing together Lewis’ legendary broadcast talks during World War Two from his three previous books The Case for Christianity, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality, Mere Christianity provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear this powerful apologetic for the Christian faith.


Mary Martha Circle
Begins Sept 1 
First Thursdays | 1:30PM | Hybrid

Our goal is to be conformed to the image of Jesus and discover the extravagant hope Jesus has for each of us—in the past, in the present, and in the future: this is a revelation of Jesus Christ.

Galatians Bible Study

Thursdays | 11:30AM | Library or Zoom

A new 14 week Bible study series studying the Book of Galatians in the New Testament titled “No Other Gospel: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians” by Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas. The Association of Retired Christian Men (ARCM) meets in-person every Thursday morning at 10:00AM in the church library and via Zoom. 

This page will continue to be updated with upcoming Bible studies that you can join here at Shepherd, so check back soon for more opportunities!